Sunday, October 6, 2013

Out of the Light, Came Darkness....Sekse the Shadow Priestess of Alune

I would say my journey began late 2007, when i decided to roll a priest. My main interest of the priest was the fact you can go shadow. Im all other MMOs that i've played, i've stayed away from healing, i guess because my fear of failing miserably. Ive learned that my strengths in healing was just with a different class. But thats a blog for another day. Today its about my priest and her awesomeness :).

Here is the only photo I have of Sekse in her early days.

Yes, She was once a Night Elf.

Sekse was  mainly holy throughout the early years of her career. She originated on the realm Emerald Dream, and practiced Holy. This was to help get my friends and I into faster groups for Instance running as there was a lack of Healers on the realm. As much as i didnt like healing, i healed for the most part just to level quickly Lol.

She was in the fights of the early Naxxramas, AQ, MC, BWL and the Lady Onyxia. Sekse had the glory of defeating her in her early rage. Sekse mastered Karazhan in its prime and visited the Sun Well.

Shortly after, Azeroth saw the coming of the Burning Crusade and Illidan's reign began through the dark portal. During this time, Sekse was recruited across realms to Echo Isles to a guild named Magic and Mayhem. There she was asked to convert to her dark ways. Her Holy practices were no longer needed and she took on a new role of master of the Shadows.

She raided through all of the burning crusade as Shadow. One of the best achievements was defeating Lady Vashj and Kael before the BIG Nerf!

I must say since I went Shadow, I just can't seem to go back to be a healer on this toon. I have way too much playing as Shadow.

I think my hardcore raiding began to die down during the Wrath of the Lich King.  I was having some RL issues and i just couldn't dedicate the time to raiding. My Dps began to falter and i was soon replaced on my raid team. It wasn't the worse the thing in the world, but raiding was the only thing i had to clear my mind on. But when Life interferes you learn how to alter. Sekse slowly began to fade away as my time in Azeroth was shorter and shorter. To this day, I have yet to see the fall of the Lich King.

After that dark time, the new threat to Azeroth was inching closer as Deathwing was in the mists. I was convinced to return the call of Azeroth, but it came with BIG changes.

Sekse has to leave her home with Magic and Mayhem of 5 or so years, to a new Home on Skullcrusher with the Guild Reckless. Not only was this a big move for Sekse leaving behind all her familiarities, but her alts as well. It was a big step out of a comfort zone and into a new light. She taking on a whole new persona, a whole new outlook.

She was going Horde...

This is the Sekse everyone is familiar with now. Her sassy wits and Bad to the Bone attitude. She easily conquered the Outlands, laughed at Deathwing's fall and better yet she was back in her top game.

Sekse doesnt have the full time to raid as she used to in her early days but she takes full advantage of the time she has in Azeroth. With the exploration of Pandaria, she has taken on a new life's quest of helping these Panda Folk against the Dark Sha's and now the biggest threat Garrosh. The horde has now turned against there own and she has no doubt that she will be in the front lines.

Sekse has been a life journey In game and IRL. She has seen and overcome many obstacles that were presented to her and has come out a better player and a better person.

Not only is Sekse is a alter Ego of mines she is a piece of me that helps me go harder in life.

Thanks Sekse for always being there for me!

<3 Vani